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Boat Bank Effect
Published: 5/19/2017

When a fine-bowed vessel glides through smooth blue water, the bow seems to cleave the water effortlessly, slicing a passageway through which to gracefully pass.

Seven Sailing Danger Symbols!
Published: 5/2/2017

Could you glance at any nautical chart in the world and tell the difference between a submerged wreck that's safe to sail across and one hidden just below the surface?

Sounds Terrific
Published: 4/28/2017

You wouldn’t settle for lousy performance from your Plotter or radar. Why not hold your stereo to the same standard?

Travel with your tender
Published: 4/18/2017

Hoist it, tow it, flip it, or stow it. Dealing with your tender can be a pain in the transom, but you can improve things. Here’s how.

Bow Thruster Advantages
Published: 4/5/2017

Adding a unit is easy, and provides confidence and safety when docking in challenging conditions. Single-screw boats can be difficult to dock without aid in wind or when fighting current. Even experienced captains will relent for safety’s sake and ask for a helpful hand...

Hypothermia in the Gulf?
Published: 4/5/2017

Cold water immersion is survivable if you take the proper steps. If you look at my “Seven Steps to Survival” page you will see that Recognition is the first step. If you fail to recognize that abandon ship, fall overboard, or ditching is possible, as some do, and if you fail to place floatation (life-vests and life-raft) in your boat or aircraft, you will likely be one of the many sad...

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