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In an emergency transmit this information first
Published: 6/25/2017

Did you know that a MAYDAY! call on your VHF marine radio could freeze potential rescuers in their tracks--unless they receive one vital piece of information? Sure, you have DSC on your radio, but there's more to a distress call than that. Pass this vital sailing tip along to your sailing crew or partner for safer sailing throughout the sailing season.

Here is the buoy... wait is this the right buoy?
Published: 6/7/2017

I was lost and didn't even know it. The light I was concentrating on was our turning point. Flashing just like the chart indicated. Same color. Same flashing characteristic. And, just off the starboard bow like it should be. There was just one problem--it was the wrong light and we didn't even realize it!

Dead Reckoning: Old-School Navigation
Published: 6/2/2017

I could pretend I’m not old enough to remember Loran-A or tuning in the beeps of those eerie radio direction finder bearings.

Boat Bank Effect
Published: 5/19/2017

When a fine-bowed vessel glides through smooth blue water, the bow seems to cleave the water effortlessly, slicing a passageway through which to gracefully pass.

Seven Sailing Danger Symbols!
Published: 5/2/2017

Could you glance at any nautical chart in the world and tell the difference between a submerged wreck that's safe to sail across and one hidden just below the surface?

Sounds Terrific
Published: 4/28/2017

You wouldn’t settle for lousy performance from your Plotter or radar. Why not hold your stereo to the same standard?

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